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Adhuri Dalit Kranti ka Ek Aur Dastavej: Mere Gaon Ka Kuwan

Booklet: Adhuri Dalit Kranti ka Ek Aur Dastavej: Mere Gaon Ka Kuwan
Author: K. Nath
Publisher: Rani Devi Nath
Edition: 1999
Pages: 40
Price: Rs.15.00

Author’s conscious as a child unfolds since 1952. He experiences the stings of untoucability pricked by his classmates. They did not allow him to touch their eatables and if touched by mistake, they used to throw it. He finds absolutely same nature of caste stratification both in village as well as in town. Till today, the religion to which Dalits adhere is not confirmed. But majority of them still believes in Hinduism and very few of them have accepted Budhhism. Hence a very big group of Indians, Shudra, Atishudra, Antajya etc are in search of their identity. The author has quoted a number of important articles on the issue of conversion published in various prominent newspapers. There is no threat to the nation due to conversion but to the varna system.


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