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also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."

Chhoo Nahi Sakta

Booklet: Chhoo Nahi Sakta (Can’t be Touched)
Author: Sooraj Pal Chauhan
Publisher: Samyak Prakashan
First Editon: 2001
Price: 10. 00
Pages: 32

This booklet is a compilation of three plays. Though, the storyline of each play is different but all are attempts to expose cruel nature of Brahmanical social order. The first play exposes the hypocrisy of the school authorities in projecting themselves as the best institution before the school inspectors while evaluating the performance of school. The second play fails to satisfy a Shudra, who had come to a Brahmin pundit with multiple religious questions for solution. Having lost faith in Hinduism and its rituals he admonished the Pundit. The last play unveils unscrupulous acts of a Brahmin employee in a Government office who does not hesitate in selling shrouds among his office colleagues which his father used to bring home after performing last rites after death of people.


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