" Democracy was
also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."


(Arthat Kya Gulamon Ka Dharma Aur Gulam Banane Walon Ka
Dharma Ek Ho Sakta Hai)
Edited and Published by : Moolniwasi Publication Trust , New Delhi
First Edition : 2001
Pages : 38
Price : Rs. 20

This booklet is a discussion on the false claim of Hindus to be original inhabitants of India as the concepts of caste of Hinduism were unknown before their conquest. Infact, when Aryans succeeded in establishing their military supremacy, they attempted to strangulate the original inhabitants through cultural means i.e. Brahminism as sculptured by Manu. The caste-culture of Aryans has only a disabling structure which inflicted slavery upon the mind of Moolniwasis , resulting their socio-economic deprivation, which continues till date. A wrong explanation that all those live in Hindustan, are Hindus was imparted to them, which was beneficial to Brahmins only. To overcome such a deplorable status and economic pauperisation, clubbed with cultural void, the real original inhabitants i.e. non-Aryans should abandon Hinduism. Slaves and people responsible for their slavery could not have the same religion. To come out of despondent condition, Moolniwasi should renounce Hinduism, which always advocated varna-system.


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