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Rigveda: Rita aur Satya

Booklet: Rigveda: Rita aur Satya
Author: Kamlakant Singh
Publication: Dr. Bheemrao Ambedkar Shikshan evam
Manav Vikas Seva Sansthan Sitaram, Azamgarh
Edition: First, 2005
Price: Rs. 65/-
Pgs.: 77

The Rigveda, oldest text of human civilization focuses on the notion of Rita (perennial flow of divinity) which is the Truth. Theories of incarnation and description of acts of sensual indulgence of Vedic gods in latter literature are foul fabrications, and travesty of truth. The knowledge lying beneath the hymns were known to Kabir and Nanak who were above death and decay. Without knowledge, intellect and discretion, and goodness to others, human action is devoid of its worth. This knowledge in the Rigveda was polluted in the period between Veda and the coming of Buddhism. Priesthood reached its apogee and animal sacrifice became a routine affair. Buddhism succeeded to some extent in correcting it, but later it also succumbed to ugly allurements of Brahmism, becoming corrupt and degenerate. Buddhists, indulged in vices, became weak to defend themselves and invited foreigners to defend them, which infuriated Pushyamitra. But he again reinstalled Brahmanism with Manusmiriti in as its guide. We need to re-look at the oldest text afresh to understand the truth.


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